Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And.... married

I know everyone in the world tells you that your wedding goes by in a flash, but I had no idea how true it was until it was my turn. I married my best guy on April 10, 2010 on a beautiful spring day in Houston. It was sunny, but not hot, the night breeze felt amazing.... and I was glowing. I never would have thought of myself as one to glow, but everyone said I was absolutely beaming from happiness, and I believe it. The weekend kicked off with a welcome dinner at my sister's home, followed by a bridal luncheon the next day, then rehearsal dinner, then a full day of wedding makeup/hair with all of my favorite females, wedding, and then a post-wedding brunch on Sunday. It was an extraordinary weekend, and it was the joining of two amazing families. Even D, who had really not wanted as large a wedding as we had thanked my mom and I for ignoring him for the past year and a half because we planned the wedding he didn't know he wanted. Everyone had so much fun courtesy of a great band, booze, food, good friends, and feather boas and glow sticks :). Pictures to follow, especially on facebook for my friends.

Then came the honeymoon. Hawaii was glorious. We started the trip in Maui for 5 days, went to the Big Island for 5 days, and then went to Oahu for three days. It was gorgeous, and we had a good mix of active activities and laying around soaking up sun and pina coladas :).

Coming home was so hard..... it's almost like dealing with a post-partum depression. I'm so happy that D is now my husband, and I couldn't love him more, but it's strange no longer having something that took up such a large chunk of my life. I miss my out of town friends that I got to spend quality time with the weekend of the wedding. I miss beautiful Hawaii and not having a care in the world except for cementing our new married bond. Obviously, coming back to work after being out for 2.5 weeks is a rough transition, and I've been working almost straight through since I got home. I have another Saturday workday this weekend, but then I get to take Monday off, which will be nice to get some things done around the house and start working on the millions of thank you notes that we have to send.

Now it's time to look forward to the future and really determine what kind of life we want to lead, where we want to live, when we want to buy a home, when we want to have kids, how will we save our money, etc. etc. They are very grownup decisions, but I'm excited to have a strong and loving partner by my side to enjoy this adventure that we call life.....


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